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I did sleep at dawn again yesterday…It’s like my habit lately…Can’t sleep before midnight…I don’t know why…it’s only one day froom a week  i can sleep before 12, usually because i was too tired..
i’m not a type of person who had insomnia..(even i had feltt it twice)..

Well, it’s a bad habit..but i do not know how to deal with it. I’ve tried to sleep at 10 or 11, but it didnt works…It scares me sometimes…if i keep doing somthing like this for long time, there’s a chance my liver hurt…I’ve got to stop this, but how ?

Our major, Information System at Duta Wacana has many students. I think student in our major need a place to share, chat, or doin something else. There’s a uni forum which can be used to chat, but there’s more than just Information System students..So student from other major can enter our major conversation. I think we need a community, our own community that only us Information System students who communicate.

I’ve got an idea about mailing list from my lecturer, again, Willy SR. He told me that he join informatics mailing list. So i make a Information System Mailing List..You can check it out at http://groups.google.com/group/siukdw .

I think with mailing list we can communicate easier, cause with email we can check it everytime we wants. So, if you’re Information System student at DWCU, u better check the link and join 😀

Mailing List for Information System Duta Wacana

Today i was held a meeting with my lecturer, she is the head of information system major..First i told him about my final project ideas,  first idea rejected cause it is not compatible for my study, second idea refused because it is not suitable for my concentration, third idea didnt refused by her, cause i know she will refused it, so i didnt tell her my last idea. She told me to make a topic with multimedia concentration, and i’m not allowed to take a topic about bussiness concentration…Hoo…

It was nice, actually.. I found a new topic, about computer graphics…seems hard and interesting 🙂

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