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Nanamia Pizzeria

Posted on: June 30, 2008

last saturday (6/29) My friend & i went to a pizza resto called Nanamia Pizzeria. Nanamia Pizzeria serves real

authentic Italian food for an affordable local price. It’s near Bumi-Net at Mozes Gatotkaca street, Yogyakarta. I went there at 21.00 and ordered a plate of pizza with mozzarella-i did forget what it exactly called. It’s the most cheaper pizza there, for IDR 25k, pretty cheap for a plate with large size-pizza.

The atmosphere there make us felt not in Yogyakarta, they make an atmosphere like we’re in other country 😀

Lot of people there, most of them were foreigner..couple whose sat next to my table spoke with languages which i don’t recognize what language it was…It’s pretty nice place to talk actually..

I did order d menu at about 21.10, n we wait like forever till the food came (OMG, 45 minutes?)..i’m a bit impatient back then, but when d pizza comes and i ate it, ow…it really tasty…delicious…i mean it…I’m not a pizza lover, actually. But i’m telling you the truth..it was really nice, plus, the pizza i ate was d cheapest pizza there, how tasty is d pizza with higher price?

Nanamia Pizzeria

you should try it there, and i surely will go there again 😀

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1 Response to "Nanamia Pizzeria"

iyaaaa enak banget, worth it lah sama nunggunya.. hehehe…

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