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Computer Graphics Subject

Posted on: July 3, 2008

I took computer graphics as my last subject at uni. This computer graphics subject was lectured by Erick Kurniawan and Esther, plus first meeting with Mr. Petrus Paryono. Our Computer Graphics class were pretty large, contains about 60 students, mix Information System and Information Engineering major.

So far, computer graphics is about how to calculate digital image based on vector or raster. Vector type is a math based image is an image contains coordinate of dots, so it doesnt matter how u resize d vector image, it’ll calculated and d image quality wont reduced. Vector images have only 256 color, compared to raster image which have 16 million color, it’s pretty small. That’s why raster image can be use for photo or another images which have plenty color. Raster image smallest unit called pixel – it’s a picture element. one pixel contains one color. Computer graphics also talk about how a picture represented in a windows called viewport..

there’s many things to learn 😀

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