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How to Install Java App from PC on Samsung SGH Z-170

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Wow, it’s been a while since i wrote last post, almost 2 month i guess..

I’m using Samsung SGH Z-170, and found that that phone cannot install java application from pc, its only able to intall a java app from d internet, from phone browser. Then i figured out, that its able to…i found these article, about installing java app from pc, here : http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_z170-reviews-2030p2.php . The article was written by Ken Dacatimbang.

here’s the article, have a nice try..

I hope this tutorial will help you install games on your cellphone. This tutorial is for samsung F480.However, this works perfectly on my phone sgh z 170. I just copied this from sensesme under the GSM-Forum) at (http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vb…p?t=609664).

1. Download Driver & File Explorer from

2. Uncompress (or extract to) SAMSUNG_Composite_USB_Driver_4_34_WHQL.zip and execute Setup.exe.
3. Connect F480 to PC. First time you should be prompted with a ‘device installed and ready’ message.
4. Execute TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe
5. Go to Settings – COM.
6. Scroll down Port window: You should get just one COM option. Choose it and press OK.
7. Go to File – Connect. You should get the F480 File System Tree at TkFileExplorer bottom half side.
8. Go to /Exe/Java/Games
9. Create a New Folder for your game
10. At TkFileExplorer PC upper side select game JAD/JAR files and copy to F480 created folder using drag&drop or right button menu Download option.
11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 for all games you want to install at a time.
12. Disconnect USB cable
13. Dial *#6984125*#
14. Go to Internals (Master Key: *#9072641*#)
15. Go to Storage Settings and select Update Java DB
Enjoy! …and save money!

You do not need to change Samsung USB mode to Qualcomm. Leave it at its default Samsung mode (if you do not understand this just do nothing )
Once driver is installed, Samsung PC Studio 3 still works.


Note 1:

Since my phone is sgh z 170, I did some minor revision to this tutorial. I hope this will help you.

When I drag the the jar and jad files from the desktop of my computer to the window of TkFileExplorer under phone as I usually do with samsung PC studio, it was not downloaded. So I open the Local Lisk (C:) at the upper left side window of TkFileExplorer, and under Drive D I open desktop. However, the jar and jad files were not there. No jar/jar files to download! So I first open samsung PC studio and from the desktop of my computer I drag the jar/jad files into the “Other Files” and put them in a new folder then close the samsung PC studio.( note: each game should have its own folder). After restarting my phone (turn off and then on, this is necessary),I open TkFileExplorer. From the phone window of TkFileExplorer I open ‘media’ then ‘Other Files’, and then I drag the jad/jar file folder into the Local Disk (C:) at the upper left side of TkFileExplorer window. After transferring the folder I open ‘Exe’ then Java and then I drag the jad/jar folder from the local disk back into ‘Java’ folder. Under the the File Menu I click ‘disconnect’. I then enter the codes into my phone and under Storage Settings I Update media database, Update Java DB, Update application database and Create Ax Dat File. When I returned to the ‘Games and more’ under my phone, the game was already installed!!!

Happy gaming and goodluck to all samsung users!!!

Note 2:
Be careful!
Once you are inside TkFileExplorer dont delete any built-in folders as this may damage your phone. Also before physically disconnecting the cable from your phone, disconnect it first from the File menu

Note 3:

Each game should have a jar and a jad file. If the game has only a jar file, you have to make a jad file from the jar file by using the java maker which you can download from (http://www.softpedia.com/get/I…Maker.shtml)
All you have to do is to drag the jar file into the “Make Jad” window and a jad file will appear in the desktop.


6 Responses to "How to Install Java App from PC on Samsung SGH Z-170"


I install the games in its individual folders and follow the steps, step by step.
After restarting my F480 and open “Other files” the next file containing the game, I open and the one I copied to my phone shows jad and jar filed game but still says its Unsupported file type.

What do I do?

Sorry i’m late replying your message. I think you should do the step :
13. Dial *#6984125*#
14. Go to Internals (Master Key: *#9072641*#)
15. Go to Storage Settings and select Update Java DB
I’ve tried the tricks and it works 😉

i can’t use mobile messengers such as Nimbuzz, Ebuddy, Meebo in my Samsung SGH-F480 would you please guide me what to do and also would you please tell about browser as well beacuase most of the we sites are not opened in in my SGH-F480 internet browser

i am looking for answer any one who knows let me know


Do you already have followed the instruction correctly ? Have you ever tried to install Java games, and does the java games works fine?
If you did, then i don’t really have any idea to solve the problem. You may install the wrong application for your phone, or the java environtment software in your phone was damaged or error. You should bring the phone to the Samsung Service Center. They would help you

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