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Android Info : Whatsapp Latest Useful Feature “Remove Group Member”

Posted on: August 1, 2012

After using whatsapp messenger for more than 1 year, finally whatsapp release "remove group member" feature. That is some critical feature that I’ve been waiting since a long time ago.
Why? That is an user fault actually that need to be handled by this feature.
Okay, let’s start, I’m living in Indonesia that most of people here using Blackberry devices (compared to Android and iOS), but not all of the blackberry user are always using full blackberry service, and most of them are using blackberry social or mail package. So basically when those kin of people are using Full Blackberry Internet Services, he/she usually install whatsapp and asked to be invited to the group, and no problem, yet. The problem is happens when they are not using full blackberry Internet service anymore. he/she may just leave the whatsapp, without leave the group first. See the problem? Yes, we may know that his/her are not be used anymore but we couldn’t remove it from group. That’s why I want it so badly 🙂

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