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How To : Dual, Triple, Quadraple,(Multi) Whatsapp Account on One Phone (Works for Other App, too)

Posted on: July 13, 2016


been forever since I post the previous post here.

and, yes. many question been asked to me via telegram or whatsapp: "Can I use two account of whatsapp, or telegram, or facebook?"

The abswer is simple : yes, you can.

You can use two or three, or four, account of whatsapp, or telegram.
You can use two facebook,or instagram account.
in one phone? yes, in one phone.

So how to do that?

I will give you example for the multi account (3 accounts) for whatsapp in single phone.

Follow the tutorial here:
1. Download Whatsapp (official) from Play Store
2. Google and download GBWhatsapp (not available from Play Store)
3. Download "Parallel Space
4. Login the first official Whatsapp with Number #1
5. Login the GBWhatsapp with Number #2
6. Open Parallel Space app, Add new Application, Select Whatsapp
7. Open the Whatsapp inside Parallel Space
8. Login to Whatsapp iniside Parallel Space with Number #3
9. Back to Parallel Space app, create shortcut to desktop for Whatsapp+ (Whatsapp inside Parallel Space) for easier access
10. Enjoy 🙂

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