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Sometimes when we need to hide some file/files to others, we usually don’t put it in the hard drive instead we just put it to other removable drive like flash player or burn it to CD, but what if we need to hide the whole partition like a whooping 80GB drive partition? No problem, you can still hide that by not using your flash player or your CDs but by using the traditional “cmd” Command Prompt.

Here’s how:

1. First open Command Prompt (Start>Run>Type “cmd” without the quotes)

2. On the flushing cursor type “diskpart” (again without the quotes) Note: Wait for the Diskpart> and the flushing cursor to appear, usually it takes 5 seconds.

3. After the Diskpart> appears, type “list volume” (no quotes ok). It will then show all the drive in your computer including optical drives.

4. Select the drive you like to hide, for example using my system configuration, I want to hide drive d: then I’ll just type “select volume 3” (excluding the quotes). This varies depending on your system configuration.

5. After that, type “remove letter D” (again without the quotes). Then exit command prompt.

Your drive now is hidden, don’t worry its not been deleted of formatted, we just hide it. So if you want to see your drive again just follow the following.

To unhide the partition, repeat the steps 1-4 and on step 5 type “assign drive D” (ok again without the quote).

That’s all; your drive now is not hidden

Lately, storage needs become bigger and bigger. Long time ago we use a cd and we’re pretty satisfied..Now,DVD which can keep about 4.5 Gb sometimes is not enough. Now Pioneer Japan is trying to develop a disk that able to store 400Gb. It claims that d disk contain 16 layers that keep 25Gb each.  D disk can be read with BluRay hardware.

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