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It has been quite a time my wife and me been using blackberry as secondary phone for communication. Our first phone, of course, android based smartphone. I’m still using Samsung Galaxy SII CDMA (well known as Samsung Epic 4G Touch) and my wife using Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000.

But we still use blackberry for communication, well, she actually use it for work matters, but I use it just for fun :P. So basically if my wife doesn’t use Blackberry anymore, I will not as well.

Usually I use mail blackberry package (mail+bbm+chat) only and my wife using social package (social network+bbm+chat). But today, I try to register the full package of BIS to my blackberry 9630. I know for a long time that Blackberry with OS 5 have limitiation that the browser cannot download more than 2.8megabyte. But today I do read some articles that actually showing that Blackberry OS 5 devices now able to download larger files (even couple of hundreds megabytes) using a browser called "UC Browser".

So, this UC Browser is a third-party brwoser app that has capabilites of download manage, and it should be able download larger files compared to normal bb browser. And as I write this post, I’m currently installing the UC Browser 7.8 from Blackberry App World.


Now trying the browsers…
Ouch, bad User Interface..

And…it doesn’t work. However I tried, (uninstalled and reisntall), it just doesnt work…
So you guys, I’m telling you, it does not work

Catch off..

Well, in my opinion, here’s top two sites that provide apk (mostly pirated apk) : 

1. http://www.blapkmarket.com

2. http://www.mobilism.org

I still prefer blapkmarket.com eventhough they dont provide sd card app/game data, because the .apk usually works, not like mobilism.org  who usually also provide game data but sometimes not works on my phone

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