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You want to use old number for whatsapp but now you changing your number? Yes you can 🙂

So, this is the requirement.- 2 mobile phones (1 installed whatsapp app, the other is up to you, as long the other phone able to receive sms and/or call)
– 1 active new number you are going to use for call/sms/data
– 1 active old number that you still wanna use in whatsapp (because maybe a lot of people has knew this number, or because the number are going to be used in another phone, etc)

How to do it ? Let’s assume your old number is +62234567890 and the new number is +62098765432, and lets call the Phone with whatsapp is Phone#1 and other Phone called Phone#2. So, lets do this :
1. Insert the new number (eq +62098765432) to Phone#1, Turn it on, make sure the internet is active.
2. Insert the old number (eq. +62234567890 ) to Phone#2. Turn it on, make sure it can get sms & call
3. Open Whatsapp app, insert old number in textfields.
4. There’s a timer in your whatsapp to check whether it is failed or not, just let it open (dont do anything).
5. Your Phone#2 will get a SMS similar like this : "901 WhatApp internal use – safe to discard" (the number may different)
6. Wait until the timer on Phone#1 is finished, there will be some failed notification/pop-up and maybe it will confirm you to retry the sms (or automatically do sms).mainActivity If you’re being asked to retry sms, just do it.
7. Wait until Phone#2 get a SMS similar like this : "WhatsaApp code 365" (the number may different)
8. Insert 365 (from the last sms on Phone#2) to Phone#1.

You should able to connect to WhatsApp which registered with your old number on Phone#1
But if you did not get any SMS, or failed, you continue to step 9.
9. Wait until there is a button "Call Me"
10. Press Call Me button, then wait Phone#2 get a phone call from WhatsApp
11. Hear the 3 digits code, insert it to textfields.

You’re done now 🙂

Please comment if you find this article helpful or interesting. Thank you 🙂

After using whatsapp messenger for more than 1 year, finally whatsapp release "remove group member" feature. That is some critical feature that I’ve been waiting since a long time ago.
Why? That is an user fault actually that need to be handled by this feature.
Okay, let’s start, I’m living in Indonesia that most of people here using Blackberry devices (compared to Android and iOS), but not all of the blackberry user are always using full blackberry service, and most of them are using blackberry social or mail package. So basically when those kin of people are using Full Blackberry Internet Services, he/she usually install whatsapp and asked to be invited to the group, and no problem, yet. The problem is happens when they are not using full blackberry Internet service anymore. he/she may just leave the whatsapp, without leave the group first. See the problem? Yes, we may know that his/her are not be used anymore but we couldn’t remove it from group. That’s why I want it so badly 🙂

It’s been almost 5 months im using http://www.meebo.com/ as a chat site so i can connect with Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, GTalk or other chat engines.. 

I used to online at uni computer, n there’s a lot of sites and port which is blocked by uni admin. I thought YM port was blocked by him, so i find another way by using web based chat interface.

It’s my uni lecturer, Willy SR, who told me to use proxy setting so i can connect to Yahoo! Messenger with Y!M application (desktop, not a web based)…

Here’s the step : (if your connection using a proxy server) :

1. Choose messenger tab, then pick ‘Connection Preferences’ 

2. Enter your proxy server ip address and port (ask to admin if u do not know)


Finally i’m able tochat with desktop Yahoo! Messenger, Thank’s to him  🙂


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