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My friends and lecturers are using sharing account together..
Using sharing rapidshare kinda fun, then i asked my lecturer, Willy SR to invite me using sharing account..
He was agree and tell me to pay by transfer the money to his bank account..
Exactly when im going to transfer, this morning i got an email from him telling that Rapidshare not allowing sharing accounts now…T_T…
here’s d information from Rapidshare Support Team :


Kindly note, because these days despite the interdiction the amount of shared
accounts was rising, we had to take action. If the last number in your IP
change, this will not cause the problem. The first three numbers must be same.

– -> simultaneous downloads possible
– -> no simultaneous downloads possible

So from now on, it is only allowed to sign up to your account from one place
at the same time.

Please make sure that everytime you signed up to your account from another
computer you delete the cookies afterwards, so you will not be blocked if you
download from your computer again.

With the link „View Logs” in the premium zone you can see how much you
have downloaded on each day and from what IP-address.

If there are IP-addresses listed that you do not know, please change your
password (and maybe your e-mail address) in the premium zone using the link
„settings“ and make sure that your computer and email-address are
secure so nobody could access your RapidShare-account.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

RapidShare AG – Support Team

then the sharing account which i almost get…dissapear with the wind…

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