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Last nite (8/11), my girl friend and i went to Plaza Ambarukmo, Yogyakarta. It was saturday night, so many people went there to find or buy something, or just went there and look around..
At first, i was going to watch newest James Bond movie : Quantum of Solace…but i’m running out of ticket (i really watch it,actually..d trailer was cool !).

So, we just walk out and try to find something to eat. At first, i wanna go to Solaria, but it was full..
So i decide to have a dinner at Bakar Batu Steak..

Bakar Batu Steak is on third floor, near with RedBean and a automotive showroom called autotentoonstelling. That place has a romantic atmosphere, so it would be nice for couple to having time there. So i think the market is for teenager like us, but if you’re not, it’s still good for you. It’s not my first time being there, actually, but still i’d loved to go there again ..
They set the light a bit dim, and they put a candle on our table..They also decorate few lamps to make the place elegant and romantic, hmmm…pretty nice..

The food price is not too high.But for me, it taste good for a IDR 30.000 food+drink per person. I choose tenderloin steak with blackpepper sauce, and an extra lemon tea for drink. My girl friend order a chicken steak with mushroom sauce, and also an extra lemon tea..

The services was warm, they do things fast, we’re not waiting too long till we got our order..
When the waitress come and serves the drink, i was pretty much shocked..Extra lemon tea, means a lot extra lemon tea, its huge..it was almost two glass of normal lemon tea in one glass.
I don’t really know cooking style of steak, i meant, i don’t know wheter it’s a netherland or france, or america steak..just it taste delicious..the sauce was pretty thick..and the meat was soft and delicious…

Not too many person eat there, perhaps because it looks a bit expensive (it depends on what you order, it could be standard, or can be far expensive) so we can sit and chat comfortly ..
it was nice to have a dinner there, and over all, for me, it’s good.

if you haven’t been there, just try it, and you’ll know why i said these things… 😀

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