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Recently I just bought another bluetooth keyboard as a  replacement of previous PALM Bluetooth Keyboard which few buttons are not working anymore and I hardly found any repair place to fix the problem.

The bluetooth keyboard that catches my attention is Advance Digitals K-T10BT. The keyboard is pretty cheap at around $11. I’m not looking for proffesional bluetooth keyboard so I don’t looking for expensive ones.

The keyboard is relatively as big as normal 14″ laptop keyboard, not as portable as flippable PALM bluetooth keyboard but still easy to carry around in your bag and not really take that much space — but again, compared to PALM bluetooth headset its still massive :P.

First trying this keyboard, actually the keyboard was not so bad, though the pressure needed for the keyboard catch the key than my laptop (Samsung laptop) or the palm bluetooth keyboard is considerably more. It sounds clicky more, a lot more noisy than laptop keyboard’s noisyness. If compared to normal logitech PC keyboard, the sound from this bluetooth keyboard is notably softer.

This keyboard supports both Android (Asus Padfone S) and Windows 7 on my Samsung Laptop. All the keys are working well, though you cannot ctrl+backspace for word deletion in Android as Palm bluetooth keyboard did support.

Few Android’s function also supported by this keyboard, like HOME, screenshot, lock screen, mail, volume, etc.

The battery  usage is quite long. I don’t really observe the usage of battery, but it doesn’t really annoy me, so I think it’s normal.

The downside of this keyboard is it has no  ON-OFF switch, which means, the keyboard is actually always on, any key stroke will make this keyboard active and that means it will connect and override your keyboard setting to your phone  (for example if you put they keyboard in bag, and use your phone normally, inside your bag the key was accidentally pressed, and your phone automatically connected to the keyboard-again.

I hate that, so I preffer to unplug the battery if I need to put it in the bag.

Overall this is a nice keyboard for only $11.

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