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I took computer graphics as my last subject at uni. This computer graphics subject was lectured by Erick Kurniawan and Esther, plus first meeting with Mr. Petrus Paryono. Our Computer Graphics class were pretty large, contains about 60 students, mix Information System and Information Engineering major.

So far, computer graphics is about how to calculate digital image based on vector or raster. Vector type is a math based image is an image contains coordinate of dots, so it doesnt matter how u resize d vector image, it’ll calculated and d image quality wont reduced. Vector images have only 256 color, compared to raster image which have 16 million color, it’s pretty small. That’s why raster image can be use for photo or another images which have plenty color. Raster image smallest unit called pixel – it’s a picture element. one pixel contains one color. Computer graphics also talk about how a picture represented in a windows called viewport..

there’s many things to learn 😀

Today was the kolokium day !! Kolokium was started at 9.30 am. There’s total 12 students who attend this kolokium. But only 7 of them who tested today, and only two of them successfully pass it. perhaps the lecturers were pretty tired, the room is pretty hot too…They were debate each other about their own argument..5 students who avnt ad tested have to follow next day kolokium, which is tomorrow..It pretty stressed me out 🙂

Other problem is that our multimedia concentration students, who has been tested, is all failed…there’s two more person who took multimedia concentration, im included..Then tomorrow is d real d-day ?

Kolokium is pretty hard, huh?

Tomorrow is d-day…Kolokium day, where all Information System Major lecturers gather together to judge us who took kolokium. As a note, kolokium is time for us to show our ideas for the uni final project..Different with Information Engineering major, student who took kolokium faces four lecturers. But me and my friends, face all Information System major lecturers, plus our friends…

Well, im a bit nervous..what should i do tomorrow?

My friends, and me, were doin our practical works, start at 5th of june to 23rd of july..d date of kolokium were 25th of June…of course students who took kolokium do some study to increase their knowledge about their topic. But when 25th of June, came, we’re bein told that 2nd of July is the kolokium day. We’re paying full attention for kolokium, and we’re aving trouble with manage time to do the ‘pratical work’ things..

Say we have 48 days to do the practical work, we spent 20 of it to preparing ourself for kolokium..so 48-20=28. so we have to finish all of the practical work things in 28 days…for real?

Since my lecturer, Yetli Oslan, S.Kom, M.T told us about we, Information System Major students who took multimedia concentration have to choose a topic related to multimedia and not to take bussiness concentration, most of us (students who took multimedia concentration) are messed up. Almost everyday, lot of my friends change d subject 😀
It was pretty hard to find one, but it is easy to release. Well, at least i already found my topic..
It’s now time to find d method n algorithm..Guts !

Our major, Information System at Duta Wacana has many students. I think student in our major need a place to share, chat, or doin something else. There’s a uni forum which can be used to chat, but there’s more than just Information System students..So student from other major can enter our major conversation. I think we need a community, our own community that only us Information System students who communicate.

I’ve got an idea about mailing list from my lecturer, again, Willy SR. He told me that he join informatics mailing list. So i make a Information System Mailing List..You can check it out at http://groups.google.com/group/siukdw .

I think with mailing list we can communicate easier, cause with email we can check it everytime we wants. So, if you’re Information System student at DWCU, u better check the link and join 😀

Mailing List for Information System Duta Wacana

I’m confused right now..especially about the title of my final project.. Now i’m believe that find a title for final project or thesis is hard.. I’ve been consult to few lecturers and, well, they had a great ideas, but refused by other lecturers. I was confused when there’s a lecturer say sumthing, says about “A”, and other lecturer said that “A” is forbidden. So he suggest “B”, but “B” was refused by other lecturer and so on.. Wow..it was confusing!

I believe it’s our decision to make a title…but still, i cant find it… hix hix hix

Hope i find one immediately 🙂

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