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I’m confused right now..especially about the title of my final project.. Now i’m believe that find a title for final project or thesis is hard.. I’ve been consult to few lecturers and, well, they had a great ideas, but refused by other lecturers. I was confused when there’s a lecturer say sumthing, says about “A”, and other lecturer said that “A” is forbidden. So he suggest “B”, but “B” was refused by other lecturer and so on.. Wow..it was confusing!

I believe it’s our decision to make a title…but still, i cant find it… hix hix hix

Hope i find one immediately 🙂

It’s been almost 5 months im using http://www.meebo.com/ as a chat site so i can connect with Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, GTalk or other chat engines.. 

I used to online at uni computer, n there’s a lot of sites and port which is blocked by uni admin. I thought YM port was blocked by him, so i find another way by using web based chat interface.

It’s my uni lecturer, Willy SR, who told me to use proxy setting so i can connect to Yahoo! Messenger with Y!M application (desktop, not a web based)…

Here’s the step : (if your connection using a proxy server) :

1. Choose messenger tab, then pick ‘Connection Preferences’ 

2. Enter your proxy server ip address and port (ask to admin if u do not know)


Finally i’m able tochat with desktop Yahoo! Messenger, Thank’s to him  🙂


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