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Android Tutorial : How To Backup Your App to Your Media Card for Non Rooted Phone

Posted on: October 30, 2011


Hello, simply said, backup apps in your non-rooted android is easy.
Thats true. It is easy.
If u do wipe phone or reset to factory setting.
Eventhough the application saved data does not backed up, at least the application .apk is backed up so u don’t have to redownload all application you have previously.

First, before u do wipe, download “Astro File Manager” from Android Market. It is free.

Install it.

When you open Astro File Manager for the first time, there will be splash screen (pop up window) for you to choose which features you want to use.

Select Application Backup.

At this window you should choose application you want to backup.
You can also select all application too.
After you check (choose) the app(s), just press the backup button and it will start working on backup your app(s).

Easy? True.

To restore your apps after you wipe the device, you have to install the Astro File Manager first. There’s two way.
First, you can open default file manager, open sdcard, select backup/apps/, and find ‘com.metago.astro’ and install it. If there’s pop up about cannot install, select first button on the left, and tick the ‘Unknown Sources’. After that, you can try install it again.
Second, download and install it from Android Market.

After that, when you open Astro File Manager, there will be splash screen (pop up window) for you to choose which features you want to use. Select ‘Application Backup’, and the ‘Backup’ tab.

You should know what to do from here, just like before, select apps you want to restore, and after selection you just need to press ‘Restore’ button.

Hope it useful for you.

p.s. There’s also a way to access the Application Backup feature from insidr of Astro. Just press Menu>Tools>Application Backup


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